In the years that I have been working as a journalist, I have had some wonderful collaborations. Two of my favorite projects are those for Famme Baby and Zankyou. Famme Baby is part of the online publisher Wayne Parker Kent. They have many great titles, for a very broad audience. Famme Baby is the magazine for moms and daddies, and talks about everything that has to do with being a parent. Pregnancy, giving birth raising kids, and it keeps you updated about the latest news about parenthood.

Zankyou was born in 2007 and is today the most international wedding website with a presence in 23 countries. It is the leading website in Europe and Latin America with more than 50 million visits per year. I write articles for the online magazine of the Netherlands.

Four years ago I started working for Ticketbis, one of the biggest start-ups in the history of Spain. It has been a very interesting adventure in which I learned a lot about the translations and websites in general. I have learned about SEO, SEA, keywords, Analytics, Adwords, bugs, bounce rates and much more. In 2017 Ticketbis was purchased by StubHub, an eBay company. After two years of working for StubHub, I decided to start as a freelancer.